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for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive

About us

The water-monitoring team is part of the Institutes of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry at Saarland University. 
For many years our team of chemists and geographers (Prof. Dr. Horst P. Beck, Prof. Dr. Kaspar Hegetschweiler, Dipl. Geogr. Angelika Meyer, Chem.-Ing. (FH) Elisabeth Fünfrocken) has been engaged in water research, especially in online monitoring of surface waters.
In addition to the maintenance and upgrading of the instrumentation, the conception of different measuring stations and their application is part of our vast field of activities.  Furthermore, we are in charge of the analytical quality assurance of the data. We are also responsible for the compilation of the required data transmission systems and for the management of all data collected. We hereby turn special attention to the evaluation of the data and its interpretation considering additional information like geology, land use, climate etc. We consequently publish the insights thus gained as reports, scientific papers and during conferences and symposia. Furthermore we form part of a net for the exchange of interdisciplinary information with other institutes and surveillance authorities on national and international level.

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About us

The Saarland Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection is cooperating with the Saarland University in the field of river monitoring.

Minister Jost says: „The findings will support the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive and are a key component on the way to a good condition of our waters."

Additional information on the website of the Saarland Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection.

New reports available

The reports for Ellbach and Bommersbach are available for download.