River Monitoring
A Work Group of the Saarland University

Measuring Stations

In order to ensure the spatial flexibility of the stations, they were constructed as trailers with one or two axes (mobile containers). The water is constantly pumped into the so-called sample basin within the trailer by a submersible pump in the river. The overflowing water is drained back into the river by an outlet on the opposite side. The measuring probes for oxygen, water-temperature, pH value, conductivity, turbidity and redox potential as well as the sampling units for the online photometers for the determination of ammonia, TOC, ortho-phosphate, total phosphorous and chlorophyll are installed in the sample basin.
All measuring results are stored in a data logger every five minutes and can be transmitted via modem.

Measuring station scheme
scheme of a big measuring station

3 big measuring stations
to detect nutrients and electrochemical parameters


Solar station
for the application of different sensors


Small Measuring Station
with an integrated automatic samlpler

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